COVID-19 “It’s in your hands” message spreads across B.C

COVID-19 “It’s in your hands” message spreads across B.C

The Asli Hand Sanitizers by is approved by Health Canada and are available for free delivery anywhere in B.C.

Partial proceeds go to a range of charities.

 The Asli Alooatta hand sanitisers distribution program has become a catalyst for local businesses, organisations and individuals wanting to help fight the spread of COVID-19 in B.C.

The “It’s in your hands” program, by   has already distributed about $100,000 worth of hand sanitisers to Sikh Temples, schools and community centres in conjunction with the recent Vaisakhi festival.

 “We are now expanding the program to other groups and companies who want to help the community and channeling whatever we can from the sales to charity organisations,” said Sewak, the CEO of the Surrey based 

Health Canada this week said that there was a seven-fold increase in sales of hand sanitizer in mid-March compared to sales during the same one-week period last year.

This high demand has led to shortages of raw materials, such as ethanol, which has led to searches for substitute ingredients.

Medical experts are also warning against the use of online recipes for homemade hand sanitizer.

The Asli Alooatta hand sanitisers are approved by Health Canada and will be delivered free anywhere in B.C. Partial proceeds from the sales will go to local charity organisations, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and BC Women's Health Foundation.

"I encourage businesses and organisation to do their part and help in this undertaking as this is a good way to contribute to a worthy cause and keep us all safe," said Rajeev Mohindru, Director of Care at the Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society  (PICS) Seniors Care Facility; a service designed for South Asian seniors who are physically frail or require emotional support.

It’s in your hands, so lend a hand.

 If you are interested in purchasing and distributing Asli Alooatta hand sanitizers  during the current health crisis please email or visit the website at