How To Claim Free Stuff - Claiming Your Saffron Rewards

Mar 06 2017 Tags: Free stuff, freebies, Rewards, Saffron, Saffron Rewards

We were thinking you might want to know just how you can claim the 'free stuff' we keep mentioning. I mean, what's the use of a rewards program, if you can't claim free stuff, right?
Step 1:
  • Click on the ‘Rewards Program’ tab at the lower right of the webpage on your screen (yeah, that little black button that’s always at the lower right edge of the webpage).
Step 2
  • Click on the ’Spend Your Saffron Points’ button
Step 3:
  • Select a Reward Option to claim ($5, $10, or $25), based on the points you have
  • Note: If you select an amount larger than you have points for, you’ll get the message in the second image below…
Step 4:
  • When you click ‘Redeem’ next to your choice, the button will say ‘Confirm’.
  • Click confirm, and you’ll receive a message like the one below. Save that coupon code, and use it to buy your free stuff! (The code in the example below doesn't work - just in case you feel like trying)
  • The code will also be emailed to the email address you registered with on our website.
Step 5:
  • You’re all done! Exciting, wasn’t it?
  • Free stuff will be shipped to your door.
  • You can now click ’Spend More Points’, or exit of continue shopping.
It just doesn’t get easier than that, does it? 

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