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Feb 16 2017 Tags: chaat masala, gol gappa, Golgappa, Indian cocktail accompaniments, namkeen, pani puri, panipuri, Phuchhka, puri, Rewards, Saffron, Saffron Rewards, sweets

Want free stuff? Introducing Saffron Rewards, the ultimate ‘free stuff’ plan! 
How’s it work? It’s simple, really.
On our website, you’ll notice a ‘Rewards Program’ tab mysteriously lurking at the lower right side of the page. 
Click on it, and you’ll be taken to a ‘pop-up’ registration box. Don’t worry, registration is super-dee-duper quick and easy (we want to start eating delicious Indian snacks as soon as we can, right?)
Saffron Rewards
Once you register, we’ll start you off with a FREE GIFT! That’s right, we’re going to credit your account 500 SAFFRON POINTS for JUST SHOWING UP! Even the Canucks don’t get points for just showing up! 
After that, you’ll earn points the following way:
  • 1000 Saffron Points on your birthday
  • 500 Saffron Points for referring a friend
  • 500 Saffron Points for liking our awesome Facebook Page!
  • 500 Saffron Points for sharing a link to our website on your Facebook wall
  • 500 Saffron Points for sharing a link to our website on Twitter
  • 10 Saffron Points for every $1 you spend on our website
So, you’re asking, “but what can I get with all these points?” 
  • 500 Saffron Points get you a $5 coupon to use on anything in our online store
  • 1000 Saffron Points get you a $10 coupon
  • 2500 Saffron Points get you a $25 coupon



$5 will get you a whole lot of sweet (or savoury) Indian goodness!
Don’t forget to sign up! It costs you nothing.

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