The Gol Gappa - The Ultimate Appetizer

Feb 16 2017 Tags: chaat masala, gol gappa, Golgappa, Indian cocktail accompaniments, pani puri, panipuri, Phuchhka, puri

The golgappa (GOAL-guppa), 'gol gappa', or pani puri is a very popular Indian savoury snack. 

The Wikipedia entry for golgappa gives you a better idea of it's traditional uses: "Panipuri (About this sound pānīpūrī is a common street snack in several regions of the Indian subcontinent. In East India, it is known as Phuchhka while in North India, it is called Golgappa. It consists of a round, hollow puri, fried crisp and filled with a mixture of flavored water (pani), tamarind chutney, chili, chaat masala, potato, onion and chickpeas."

The traditional method of preparation is delicious, however, never wanting to be boring, we decided to experiment a little. Our intrepid golgappa chefs found that these little savoury balls are the perfect spill-proof container for almost anything you'd put on a cracker, and even some things you wouldn't!

Our golgappas are golden, perfectly round, and pack a nice crunch (That's why we call them the 'Canuck Crunch')!

Watch our Gol gappa video to see just some of the fantastic creations we've come up with! It's a Bollywood Remix!



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