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food safe biodegradable vegan gift box

Think ABOUT the box

We’re not just thinking ‘outside the box’. We’re thinking ABOUT the box!

We are North America’s first artisanal, biodegradable, food-safe, custom sweets and savouries gift box manufacturer.

Gift boxes of sweets and savouries, or ’shagun’, are a South Asian tradition on special occasions. The giving begins with the birth of a baby and continues throughout life. Shagun graces office openings, business celebrations and significant milestones. The simple, hand-crafted Indian sweets shared at such times were crafted by artisans over a period of days, and were only shared on these special celebrations. There wasn't a sweet shop on every corner. It had to be special. 

That ’special’ gift of love and affection is something we’ve recreated at AlooAtta. We don’t think anyone should mark a special day with a cheap box of mass-produced sweets. Your loved ones deserve a hand-made confection of the highest standards. Your loved ones deserve a gift box that is beautiful, and made for food. Your loved ones deserve a gift that is safe for the environment, and does its bit to save the planet for future generations.

Think about the environment

Our bespoke boxes reflect our environmental values and food safety concerns. They are printed exclusively with vegetable based ink that contains no lead or other harmful toxins.

Production of the box (pulp) and dye are compliant to the highest environmental standards and is carbon neutral. The printers are partnered with Climate Smart and Ecotrust Canada to measure and provide premium local offsets.

Think about safety

Most boxes used for Indian sweets in North America are not safe for food because toxic paint and dyes are used to print these boxes. Many gift boxes made in China and India use acid-based pulp in the production and are usually the ones available in sweet shops (think about the toxic envelopes in that Seinfeld episode). In general most of these gift boxes are not meant for food packaging.

We are passionate about safety, so we manufacture our gift boxes locally in Canada. They are food-safe and beautiful. We can confidently say no future spouses will 'pull a Susan' from tasting food out of one of our boxes. All paper and dyes used for production of the boxes are approved by the Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Think about customization

Each box can be personalized with your congratulatory message including full color images, symbols, and company logos.

We created the Sanmaan Series in keeping with our age old tradition that shows respect and honour to those we gift. We don’t know what you’re going to gift, so we have created sectioned boxes to accommodate each piece of ladoo, nuts, jewels, or chocolate. The four container sleeve is perfect for those thoughtful little gifts and more. We crafted the box to be 10” long x 4.5” wide x 2” tall, comparable to a box of chocolates. Have a larger gift? No problem. The inserts are removable, so you can use the entire interior space for your item(s).

While we are an online company, we are also opening storefront locations across Canada and USA for those customers that prefer to browse or pick their packages up in-store. Our friendly on-site staff will help you customize your boxes for no additional charge. 

Think about giving

The soul of a great gift is the thought that went into it. We care about the planet, and we know you do too. We care about your health, and the safety of the food you eat, and we’re sure you do too. 

Show your friends and family you care about them as well! Send them a gift of love, of thanks, of congratulations, and show them how much you’re thinking of them.

Thanks for reading!

Harbinder Singh Sewak



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