About Us

Thinking outside the box

We are North American first online artisanal customize sweets and savories gift box corporation.

Gift giving  is culturally or religiously practiced in South Asian homes. It begins with the birth of a baby and to celebrating an event, gifts are exchange between friends, relatives and or colleagues.

Safety is our mission

Most boxes that are available in North America, are not safe for food because lead paint is used to print these boxes. Gift boxes made in China and in India use acid based pulp in the production and are usually available in sweet shops and grocery stores. In general most of gift boxes are not meant for food packaging but only for decorations.

We are passionate about safety, so we manufactured our gift boxes here locally in Canada, that are safe for food, and still have fun with them. All paper and dyes used for production of the boxes are approved by the Canada Food and Health Agency (CFIA) and the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).


Each box can be personalized with your congratulatory message including full color images, religious icons, and company logos.

We created the Sanmaan Series, in keeping with our age old tradition, that shows respect and honour to those we gift.

As we all know South Asian weddings are a season full of gifting from Engagement, Sagan, Mehndi/Henna to Doli. So we have created containers or sleeves in these boxes to accommodate each piece of ladoo, burfi or chocolate. The four container sleeve is perfect for those savouries that one hand out as favors at Mehndi/Henna night.

We crafted the box to be 10” long x 4.5” wide x 2” tall, comparable to a woman’s clutch purse for easy holding.

We Care about enviroment

These bespoken boxes reflects our values about environment and people safety and therefore are printed exclusively with vegetable based ink that contains no lead.

Production of the box (pulp) and dye are compliant to the highest environmental standards and carbon neutral and are partnered with Climate Smart and Ecotrust Canada to measure and provide premium local off sets.

While we are an on-line based company, we are also opening some locations across Canada and USA for those customers that will like to browse or pick their packages in store.

In Canada, these are the tentative dates for store opening, Surrey - BC (May 2018), Toronto (June - 2018), Montreal ( Oct - 2018)

In USA - Seattle ( Jan 2019), New York ( March - 2019), San Francisco ( June - 2019), Texas ( September -2019).

The Art of Gifting is special for a special occasion, for a special thought and a for a special person. 

Harbinder Singh Sewak



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