Alooatta - under our flagship brand British Columbia Naturals is a Vancouver-based company, dedicated to bringing natural health products and organic products that are safe, trusted, and regulated, to you.

Our products compete among the world’s best when it comes to nutrition, quality and scientific research to keep you, your family and our planet healthy, naturally.

In compliance with Canadian Natural Health Products (NHP) Regulations, all of the company’s products are Canadian-made with unique Natural Product Numbers (NPN) issued by Health Canada.

Using traditional and indigenous knowledge and modern science our products are environmentally friendly, free of toxic chemicals, free of animal testing, and are made in BC.

British Columbia’s natural products sector is one of the most diverse in Canada, with a growing array of value-added products, including functional foods enhanced for greater health benefits and naturally sourced health products.

At Alooatta we source our natural ingredients in BC to make our products in BC to be as close to our nature in BC.

Our BC products are heaven scent.


Our Story

From the wilds of Malaysia’s rainforests to the rugged lands of New Zealand and now in British Columbia, Canada, harnessing nature’s bounty has never been far from Harbinder Singh Sewak’s life as a socially responsible entrepreneur. 

“I believe in buying local, making local and using local ingredients and BC is the best place for that when it comes to natural products,” said Sewak, who founded Alooatta. 

Together with a family of experts Sewak and his team have a profound understanding of the natural ingredients found in plants and other biological sources in BC to create new ways to clean and care for our bodies.

Alooatta's product lines originate from sustainable sources that have minimal impact on the environment, said Sewak, adding; “We care about our relationship with nature. And that includes ensuring our packaging is from recycled materials and is biodegradable, carbon neutral and compliant to the highest environmental standards."


Made in BC for You

At Alooatta, we cultivate success through sustainability

As a progressive Canadian natural health product development company with decades of experience, a certified lab and manufacturing facility, we can customise and bring to life your natural health product dream.

From a single product to a full product line, we can help you every step of the way. Our expert teams work to meet your needs in product formulation, testing, and manufacturing.

If you have an idea for a quality natural health product, or in need of higher quantities to meet market demand or are looking for ways to develop your own label, contact us at for a sustainable chat.