Sanmaan Solo

The Sanmaan Solo is part of the Sanmaan Signature Series, a new premium  product for sharing joy with those who are our nearest and dearest. In traditional Sanskrit, sanmaan means respect – this quality burnishes across every carefully executed detail of each custom-prepared Sanmaan Solo box. Each box cover is customized with a personalized message that truly speaks from the giver’s heart. The Sanmaan Solo series is the gift you give to honour the legacy of a close relationship.

Each box can be personalized with your congratulatory message including full color images, religious icons, and company logos.

Logos and images can be embossed.

Alooatta’s embossed logo is branded on every box lid.

A personal message printed on a 3” x 3” card can be included inside the box at no cost.

Box crafted to be 10” long x 4.5” wide x 2” tall, comparable to a woman’s clutch purse.

Interior of the box is custom made for sweets or savouries placements.

Available in four celebratory colors: Bridal Red, Kesri Mustard, Silver and Gold.

All boxes are produced and printed in Canada.

Printed exclusively with vegetable based ink that contains no lead.

All paper and dyes are approved by the Canada Food and Health Agency (CFIA) and the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Production of the box (pulp) and dye are compliant to the highest environmental standards and carbon neutral.

Printer is partnered with Climate Smart and Ecotrust Canada to measure and provide premium local off sets.


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